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Society & Religion* Academic institutions Among Croatian academic institutions, Universities took the most important place. These starting points for each young intellectual are located in four biggest Croatian cities: Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Zagreb. University of Zagreb is the oldest and the biggest Croatian university, founded in 1669. Most of the smaller cities have either some of the faculty from the nearest University, or their own colleges, providing educated employees for local companies. Republic of Croatia is a land rich with cultural heritage. Libraries in almost all cities of Croatia are an important to keep it for next generations. Central place, which collects all materials published in Croatia is National and University Library in Zagreb . Among the most important witnesses of Croatian people’s culture in past 158 years is Matrix Croatica. Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts gathers the most important intellectuals from all fields of science. The Miroslav Krleza Lexicographic Institute publishes important lexicographic and encyclopedias. Religions Roman-Catholics, orthodox, Muslim, Jews, protestants, others state Authority The state authority has been divided into legislation, executive power and jurisdiction. The Croatian political system is democratic and based on a respect for human rights, law, national equality, social justice and multiple political parties. Croatia has a unicameral parliament, the Sabor. The representatives are elected for a 4 year period.


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