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Currency* The Croatian currency is called kuna (kN), which means Croatian marten, and is divided into 100 lipas (lime). But the country changed several times of currency into ten years. For several years the course of the currency has been relatively stable. 1? = 7,4 kN and 1 kN = 0,14?. Change The exchange offices pushed like mushrooms in all the country. One finds some in the supermarkets, the back-yards, often nested in tiny buildings. They are the mjenjacnice. The courses are posted clearly. The rates of exchange are about equivalent to those of the banks, but the exchange offices take neither the travellers’ cheques, nor the credit cards. Bank cards The charts of payment are accepted in the majority of the stores, restaurants and hotels. In all the large cities and all the tourist places of the Dalmatian coast, you will find slot-machines, and the majority accept the Visa card and MasterCard. Travellers’ cheques The travellers’ cheques are accepted in all the banks, but the rate is much less advantageous than for the liquid. Budget That it is said, to spend its holidays to Croatia, it is not given, and this, whatever the mode of selected voyage. That is explained in particular by the strong taxes imposed on the importation and by the VAT to 22 % which apply to all the products. This VAT (DEVELOPING COUNTRY) is regularly décriée by certain political forces and its installation gave place in January and February 1998 to the greatest trade-union demonstrations than knew Croatia. Lodging Will know that the prices differ between the tourist season and the remainder from the year and between the capital, more expensive, and the remainder of the country. For a room doubles in hotel: - Very cheap: less than 200 kN - Good market: less than 300 kN for a double - moderate Prices: from 300 to 500 kN for a double - smarter: more than 500 kN for a double ( Restaurants - Very cheap: less than 50 kN - Good market: from 50 to 100 kN - average Prices: from 100 to 150 kN  - smarter: more than 150 kN  Others - One liter of unleaded gas: 6,5 kN - a coffee: 5 kN  - Visit of museum: between 10 and 20 kN.


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